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English novel books in which penguins or Antarctica are mentioned

  • "South - the Endurance expedition" :
    written by Sir Ernest Shackleton.
    First published by William Heinemann, GB in 1919 and several times republished
    This version of Penguin Books: ISBN 0-140-28886-4

  • "White out" :
    written by James Vance Marshall
    Published by Souvenir Press Ltd., London in 1999
    ISBN 0 285 63491 7

  • "I may be some time" :
    Story about the dramatic journey from Sir Falcon Scott, written by Francis Spufford
    Published as paperback by Faber and Faber, Londen in 2003
    ISBN 0-571-21865-2

  • "90° South: The story about the American South Pole conquest" :
    Written by Paul Siple
    Published by G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York in 1959

German novel books in which penguins or Antarctica are mentioned

  • "Die Insel der 5 Millionen Pinguine" :
    story written by Cherry Kearton, who lived several months among them.
    Original title "The island of Penguins", published in 1930.
    Published by Engelhornverlag Adolf Spemann, Leinfelden in Stuttgart

  • "Der Kongress der Pinguine" :
    filmbook to the Swiss film of Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf: "Der Kongress der Pinguine", 1993

  • "Am Südpol, denkt man, ist es heiss" :
    this is a poetry book written by Elke Heidenreich and illustrated by Quint Buchholz. You can also buy a separate CD-version, which has the form of a penguin.
    Published by Carl Hanser Verlag, 1998
    ISBN 3-446-19443-6

  • "Pinguine: Die schönsten Geschichten" :
    Collection of stories about penguins, written by famous writers like Atwater, Kürkow, Heidenreich, ...
    Published by Piper Verlag, München in 2002
    ISBN 3-492-23724-X

  • "Wie nr. 137 zu seinem Namen findet" :
    Story, written by Ina Bauckholt, about an african penguin who escaped from the zoo at Münster, Germany
    Published by AL°L Verlag Spielkal, Münster in 199

  • "Pinguine sind auch nur Menschen" :
    jokes written by Wolfgang Willnat.
    Published by Franz Schneider Verlag, München in 1992
    ISBN 3-505-04479-2

Dutch novel books in which penguins or Antarctica are mentioned

  • " Ik zal overleven" :
    Original title: "Ice bound: A Doctor´s Journey to the South Pole" by Jerri Nielsen
    Dutch translation: Marjo Frings-Latour
    Published by Het Spectrum in 2001
    ISBN 90 274 7219 x

  • " Naar de Zuidpool" :
    Original title : "South Pole 2000", uitgegeven in 2000 bij Virgin Publishing Ltd, Londen
    The story of 5 women on Antarctica, written by Caroline Hamilton
    Published in Dutch by The House of Books in 2000
    ISBN 90 443 0648 0

  • " De kleuren van wit: Hartverwarmend Antarctica" :
    written by Julie Brown and Dixie Dansercoer
    Published by Uitgeverij Van Halewijck, Leuven (B) in 2000
    ISBN 90 5617 263 8

  • " Greenpeace naar Antarctica" :
    written by Leo Bersee
    Published by Uitgeverij De Fontein bv, Baarn (NL) in 1996
    ISBN 90 261 0913 X

  • " Vleugels boven het eeuwige ijs" :
    The life of R. E. Byrd, written by C. R. van Tubbergen
    Published by Uitgeverij A. Roelofs van Goor, Meppel about 1957?

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