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Over fishery

Fish on the menu (14 K)
Most of the time penguins eat krill and fish. Although there is a lot of krill in the oceans, the supplies aren't inexhaustible. And as always, people were here very greedy too. Only by fishery, 70.000 ton krill is yearly brought up. That is half of the krill that all seals and seabirds together catch.

These has, of course, a great impact on penguin population.
According to the American scientist Wayne Trivelpiece, the population of the adelie penguin decreased by the reduction of krill in their environment. Research showed that one couple adelie penguins needs 180 kg krill during one breeding season (from November till begin February). Converted for a colony of 250.000 penguins, it means that every southern summer 20.000 ton krill is needed. Considering all the breeding pairs of the adelie penguin in the Antarctic area, this means each summer 56.000 ton krill.

Other fish, also food for penguins, have been overfished too. The marble perch, the Antarctic cod and the ice fish have also been caught too much. These fish were used for oil or worked up to fishmeal.
The African and humboldt penguins are threatened by overfishery of anchovis and pilchards. During the last years this fishery has only increased, meaning a real threat to the penguin population.

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