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Rules to approach penguins

  1. Stay far away from breeding penguins. Even at an aproach till 30 m their pulse rate increases. Coming closer as 1 m makes them run away. Larger chicks in a crèche already run away when you come closer than 6 m.
    Always look at the reaction of the animals and stop if you see that they become scared and nervous.
  2. Don't go to close to passing penguins, who come from or go to sea. When they get disturbed, the relieve of guarding on the nest will slow down and the chicks will starve.
  3. Avoid, even in great distance, brusque movements, as penguins could see it as an approach and get scared.
  4. Try to near them bowed down or squated : you will look less threatening and scaring.
Near breeding colonies, people will always seem threatening and look like an enemy. This would cause them to run away, and so the eggs or chicks will be handed over to predators.

When you visit Antarctica

Macaroni penguin threatening a rockhopper
  1. Avoid footprints on sensitive moss, crustaceous lichen or grass.
  2. Don't throw trash on the ground (should be in force everywhere).
  3. Don't take souvenirs but leave everything behind as it was.
  4. Respect conservation areas and research work.
  5. Don't disturb the environment of seals, penguins and seabirds :
    • Approach carefully till maximum 30 m.
    • Never forget that animals have priority.
    • Always stay outside a breeding colony.
    • In doubtful cases, retreat backwards.
    • Never touch the animals.
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